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Project Mixing

The advent of inexpensive computers, software, and recording gear has allowed musicians of all ages to record and release their own music in ever increasing numbers. In this new world of independent artists, it's vitally important that your album has what it takes to compete on a global level. One of the best ways you can achieve that goal is to have your recordings professionally mixed.

Dark Room owner Timm Biery has been tracking and mixing artists of all genres for nearly 25 years. An award winning producer and engineer, Timm can take your project to the next level with his mixing skills. Take a listen to these before and after clips from one of our recent mixing projects and you'll hear what we're talking about. We've also included the same clip from the mastered CD so you can hear the final product. (Download full-bandwidth WAV versions of all 3 files here.)

Client Mix

Timm's Mix

Mastered CD

The Dark Room can work with virtually any digital file format in use today. We can also mix directly from DA-88 tapes, with 32 tracks in-house. We do have specific requirements for file prep prior to mixing, which we will gladly discuss with you or your engineer prior to your session.

Project Mixing Rates

Above rates include:

To learn more, use the contact form to get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you!

A 50% deposit is required to begin mixing. Balance due must be paid in full prior to full-bandwidth files being delivered. We accept major credit cards, personal checks, PayPal, and money orders. Credit card processing through PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE: Our preferred mixing resolution is 96kHz/24 bit. Mixing at 88.2kHz/24 bit and 48kHz/24 bit is also possible. While we discourage working at 44.1kHz/16 bit, we will gladly mix projects recorded at this resolution.